The writer of this blog, Antoine Michaud, is a french canadian musician based in Montreal, Quebec. Almost 4 years ago, he embarked on his quest to become an independent musician and earn a living from his music. Antoine is primarily teaching to kids in elementary schools and earns the rest from touring, teaching private lessons, selling his albums and monetizing his channel on Youtube. Since 2014, he is involved with progressive rock band Mystery and is touring all around Europe every year. He started getting serious with his Youtube channel Monochrome Seasons in late 2013. His goal was to create more music and inspire other musicians with his craft. He released 3 albums and 2 EPs since that period: Autumn Stories (2013), Under The Crystal tree Part I (2014), Under The Crystal Tree Part II (2015), Scordatura (2015) and Space Culture (2017). Antoine is mainly a guitarist and keyboardist, but also plays a lot more instruments like bass, piano, flute, french horn and trumpet. With his blog, he wants to share with you all his tips, inspirations and positivity in his goal to make a full-time career with his art. If you are an independent musician like him and can relate to his story, he invites you to follow along and participate on his blog every week!